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Unlike with BB10, they didn't create the operating system and would have to deal with the vulnerabilities already included. As a result, they added numerous security enhancements, and at the heart of this is DTEK.

Using BlackBerry 10 OS in 2019? Try This For Apps!

It has a number of software tools that improve the security of Android and ensure that your phone remains protected for the entirety of its life. While many of the tools operate automatically, BlackBerry has provided its customers with some options to further improve security if they so choose. For those of us who are particularly security-conscious, it's only when you adjust things in DTEK's settings menu that your BlackBerry device become almost impenetrable.

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Recommendations are changes you should make to improve the security of your device. For example, if you enable the hidden "Developer options" menu or grant third-party apps the ability to sideload apps, you will see alerts here explaining why it can compromise the security of your device and a button to correct the situation. Keep an eye out on this section.

With stock Android, users can manage access to data obtained from various sensors and apps. Specifically, Android allows you to enable or disable access to this data by specific apps requesting permission. However, some apps prevent you from disabling their access by force-closing the app after permission is revoked, or by bombarding you with a prompt to enable the permission the next time you open the app.

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Fortunately, DTEK offers additional control for this situation. To access these controls, select the gear icon in the upper-right corner of DTEK's main menu and choose"Set sensitive permissions. By configuring a permission to "sensitive," any time an app requests permission to access its data in the background, you'll receive a notification. The main downside to BlackBerry Desktop Software is that it's a bit of a beast. The download is over Mb and the installation takes an age, but it's worth the wait.

We also found the process of configuring a Bluetooth connection through BlackBerry Desktop Software to be awkward and long-winded. If you want to backup, synchronize and share data with your device, BlackBerry Desktop Software is the answer.

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It's also great for installing BlackBerry apps you download from Softonic! Pros: phone ram. Cons: apps sto rs.

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Will not run on my Windows 8, downloaded twice, on mobile i get "bad connect " after sync, and does not see play book. The desktop manager quickly transferred my pictures from my storm to my pc. I never could find a way to save the voicemai l messages that I want to keep.

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  • I would love to know if it is possible! Desktop Manager. I have had a Blackberry for 6 years. I have tried the Desktop program but like the others it is compromised.

    I think maybe saving to a disk might help or a flash drive. But on my computer it raises havoc and does not work. We are in high tech spycyberland and that program has problems.


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